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3 Comments on “Contact

  1. Good morning I am interested in the bear racoon and owl however would you be able to do the owl background in the same blue as the frog !?!
    And how do I go about printing these on canvas
    Thanks again !

    1. Hi Courtney,
      Unfortunately I can’t change the colour of the background as I didn’t save the working copies of these! I kind of wish I had, though, as I am using them for my newest baby’s nursery.
      As for the canvas, I have never tried it before, but I think there are places online that you can submit digital files and then pick up the canvas when it’s ready. Staples is one place I know that does it!

  2. Can we use your glitter gold Pineapple for our Facebook page – we are called The Pineapple Shoppe and we make things with glitter but not just pineapples! Please let me know, Thanks!

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