FREE Woodland Animal Printables (Part 2!)

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Hey everyone! Here I am early in the morning on my computer, when usually at this time I am up with the kids or I am fighting for a few more minutes of sleep after getting up with Baby O during the night. Well, guess who has been sleeping for 13 going on 14 hours straight without a peep…. YEP! My baby has slept though the night! (And yes, I have checked to make sure he is still alive!) Must be from all the fresh air he got from camping the past few days. So I had a great sleep and was up early creating some new freebies for you all!

I was just looking through my blog statistics, and noticed that my original woodland animal freebie is BY FAR the most popular post I have posted. (You can find that post here) So I decided to make a part 2! Plus, they are just so fun to create!! Go ahead and print as many times as you like!! Use them in a baby nursery, playroom, kindergarten class, dayhome, ect. I would love to hear how you plan to use them!!

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13 Comments on “FREE Woodland Animal Printables (Part 2!)

  1. Thank you again! I downloaded the first set of animals, and just downloaded these ones. I’ll be putting them in our boy/girl twin nursery. I’ve been pretty picky in the woodland animal styles that I’ve seen out there, but I fell in love with these! They’re the perfect combo of cute and sweet for a nursery, but with great background patterns & colors to bring a bit more color into the room. We’re putting a birch tree mural on one wall, and the rest of the room was going to be pretty neutral, so I was looking for something that would add some color on the walls and your images are perfect. And thank you, thank you for making them free downloads!! So glad I came across your blog!!

    1. Hi Tina!
      Thanks, so glad you like them 🙂
      I didn’t save the working copy of these, unfortunately, so don’t remember offhand which font I used! I have hundreds! The closest I came to this while looking was “Archistico Normal”. It’s not exact, but similar!

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